Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michael - Bike Exchange

So, some of you have already heard the story of my son and his bike exchange program he's started, but for those of you who haven't...

Last summer, he wanted to start BMX racing. However, he already had a road bike for Triathlons and a bike for mountainbiking so we said no. He then found an abandoned BMX bike in the river, hauled it out and walked it the 12 km's home. He asked if he fixed it up himself, if he could then race, so we changed our no to "maybe". After he fixed it up, spray painted it, he was ready to go so we said that if the officials said it was safe, we'd sign him up. So, last year he raced.

this year, because of his dedication, we decided to buy him a new one. Here's a shot of him with it...we had to wait over a month for it to come in.
So, he decided to take the old bike from last year and has now started collecting more bikes to fix up so that he can give them to kids whose families can't afford them. How great is that?

so if anyone else has a bike to donate, please contact us and we'll arrange to pick it up.

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