Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Session for Father's Day

Shhhhhhh !!! Don't tell Grandpa! I had a great time photographing this family as a surprise gift for fathers day. We were a little worried at first because it was pouring rain for almost the whole day and it was so cold. It stopped just in time though.

(don't forget to click on the image for a larger view)

Can't you just see these brothers getting into way too much trouble !!!

Little Bennett was shy with me at first and I couldn't convince him to sit by himself on the hay bales, so I thought a nice father son image would be nice instead. Isn't he sweet?...I mean Bennett...lol

I was able to convince Bennett to pose for me a while later with his cars and he had a ball trying to figure out whether i had a bird inside my camera lens or not.

You'll remember Kathleen and Leonard from their wedding last year. These 2 are one of the most fun loving people I've ever met and they're expecting twins now!

Enjoy the peacful days you have right now 'cause they'll soon end !

Right Dad? !!

It was funny watching Sarah and her husband's kids giggling away when these two snuck a quick kiss. It's always funny to watch young kids reaction to their parents showing affection.

I can imagine all the fun these cousins will have growing up together. My dad's family was large so I grew up with a lot of cousins around. It was exciting every weekend.

...and look what I saw on my way home...

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