Monday, June 7, 2010

Chris & Anne - Wedding

So wedding season has officially started with the day turning out just perfect despite the early morning rain. I had a blast photographing this couple. Originally, their dog Gracie was going to walk the bride down the isle wearing a wedding dress too, but changed their minds. Isn't gracie so cute...she growled at my camera whenever it was pointed at her. I guess she didn't want her picture taken.

Anne's dress was as beautiful as she was.

I thought this was such a lovely idea incorporating her dad's photo with her flowers.

This brother and sister duo were kissing each other through the screen door when Kert decided he didn't want a kiss from his siter any more. Aren't they adorable?

I had to use this toy when I saw it as these 3 little pigs looked like they were having so much fun and reminded me of what this group was going to be like hanging out with for the day and they didn't disappoint. They actually look liked they're dressed for a wedding...three little piggies with 3 gorgeous diamonds!

I told you this brother and sister were adorable.

Chris's daughter Destiny is such a beautiful young lady with an amazing smile.

Her sister Hope is just as beautiful and I loved her hair. It reminded me of how I used to wear mine when I was younger.

I laughed so hard with this little guy. He was so excited to have his suit on and when he put it on he went "ta da" with the arms and everything.

Both moms were so wonderful and they're beautiful.

You might remember the Maid of Honour from an earlier shoot I had with her and her family last fall. I can't say enough how lucky I am to meet so many nice people when photographing.

...and the beautiful bride

...last minute fixes before the bride arrives

The handsome Best Man, Dustin...or should I say "Beefcakes" had to be there ! lol

Again...adorable!!! look at the blue eyes...lady killer in the making!

you can really see how much these two love each other

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