Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiffany & David - Maternity

David & Tiffany are expecting twin girls!!!! Can you believe it? Tiffany looks amazing! I had a great time photographing this couple and can't wait to be able to hold their twin girls. David was telling me about when they first found out that both babies are girls...he asked the Dr. if they had made a mistake and scanned the same baby twice! (lol) sorry David, you're going to be out numbered very soon. And I can bet every one of them will have you wrapped around their finger the minute they arrive. Enjoy a few images for now.

(don't forget, click on them for a larger view)

It won't be long before you two will really be opening this package.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! My friend is a supermodel, apparently ... :)
Lots of love and congratulations!
- sarah in tbay