Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Charleston Lake Swim

Despite the fact that when I awoke, rain clouds covered the sky, I decided to go ahead and join my friend at Charleston Lake for an afternoon of relaxation by the water with our sons. The boys became great friends when they met at Speedskating. Kurtis' mom and I also became fast friends and our interests are almost identical...and she carries her camera around as much as I do. By the time I arrived, the rain clouds had dispensed and the sun was shining. The boys wanted to swim off the bluff rather than the beach, so of course, out came our cameras to capture some of their fun.

I really really love this shot of my son!

Kurtis said the shot above of my son Michael should be titled "Believe in Yourself"...we got a chuckle from that...

I can see why this spot is more fun than the beach ! I always preferred jumping off the bridge at the damn in Tweed over the beach when I was young.

Look really close at this next'll see Michael half way down

...and of course, Michael had to play up to the camera at least once!

...or twice ! (lol)

..or three times?!!!

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