Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BMX Racing

Well, my son has decided to add another sport to his long list of activities. Besides, hockey, speedskating, triathlons, soccer and track, Michael has decided he wants to do BMX racing. OH No! We originally said no because he does so much as it is and we dreaded the thought of the cost of another bike. But Michael 's determination had us changing our minds. For the past week, he's dug out a bike out of the River, fixed it all up himself (new bearings, brakes, etc). He even spray painted it black & green. He didn't care what the bike looked like or the fact that he didn't have a shinny new bike like the other racers. I was pleased at what he had accomplished. Nothing like building character! He just wanted to race and have fun. So, of course, we gave in !!! Here he is trying it out before the races tonight with his friend, Kurtis. His first races resulted in 3rd place finishes.

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