Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I apologize to all my clients and friends for having to announce that at this time, I am completely booked until after Christmas this year. Unless you already have discussed a possible date with me, or have scheduled your session, I will be unable to accommodate any new sessions until that time. It's been an extremely busy wedding season this year as well as for child portraiture, etc.
As much as I love photographing everyone, I must make sure I also have the time to workflow the images for my clients so that they receive the best possible images I can give.
One of the reasons that it often can take some time to produce an image for a client is the amount of time it can take to edit it. I've attached a sample of just what I have to the unedited image, you can see my husband who often assists me holding the light source. So, in order to produce a great image, I must "rub" him's not as easy in real life as it is with photoshop...(just teasing now...come on...I wouldn't really want him rubbed out!), but you can understand why it can take a little time.
(this is the final image)

(here's the unedited image with my handsome assistant)

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