Friday, January 1, 2010

Michelle & Joe - Wedding

What a great way to start the new year than to start your new life as husband and wife?!!! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to share this special day with this couple. It was such an intimate day for their family and friends. Thank you for allowing me to share in your day.

...take a look at these rockin shoes!!!! aren't they the most fabulous pair of shoes you've ever seen? and I'm not one for shoes really but I did admire these!

These two look like they're pretty stoked for their parents wedding. Devon is Michelle's son and Katie is Joe's daughter and are a pretty amazing pair you can easily see.

Michelle couldn't keep herself from enjoying her happiness as her Aunt and her father helped button her dress. It's the first time I've ever seen a father help his daughter with the dressing details...what a father won't do for a daughter.

I knew when I first met Michelle, she'd make one of the most gorgeous brides ever!

Watching the snow fall...I love winter weddings. they can make for such a magical time.

...and the handsome groom...and just as estatic for this day as the bride

I love it that the grooms are just as estatic as any bride could possibly be. You can see Joe's love for his bride just beaming in this image.

This is one of my most favorite moments of the entire year...I've seen the sand used before instead of the unity candle, but this was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen in using the sand as a symbol of "blending the families". The words said during this part of the ceremony were quite moving

My only regret is that with winter weddings, the sun goes down too quickly so creating images with the snow and environment around outside is almost impossible...but capturing their love was the easy part

I was able to coax the couple outside in the cold air for just a brief moment, but I'm glad we did

And I had to post one more for Katie as she's such a beautiful young lady and it's her Birthday....Happy Birthday Katie !!!!

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Mariella said...

Sandra.... You did a beautiful job for Joey and Michelle's wedding!! The pictures are stunning. Truly.

Maria Salamone
(Joe's sister)