Sunday, August 30, 2009

Darlene & Colin - Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Darlene & Colin's wedding on Saturday. i was excited to be photographing this couple once again. I really enjoyed photographing them during their e-session and their ease in front of the camera made my work so much more enjoyable.

Darlene made for such a sweet beautiful bride...

...and Colin was so dapper even though he was a bundle of nerves when getting ready you can see, the sun came out for a wonderful wedding

Anyone watching this couple can see how much in love they are. Despite the fact that we awoke that morning to a down pour of rain for most of the morning, we were blessed, for when it really needed to be sunny, the rain held off so that this cute couple could wed outdoors.

What a bunch of great looking bridal party...and a lot of fun!

The reception was held at the Holiday Inn in Gananoque, and was almost as beautiful as the bride & groom.

I never thought I'd be taking bridal portraits in a hotel bathroom before, but they say never say never! Isn't she gorgeous!!!

...the proud poppas!

Lamont Limousine were great...originally the bride & groom were to ride from the ceremony in this convertible, but because of the rain, they didn't. When they arrived at the ceremony, blue skies had started to come out, so the driver went and brought back the car just for these two lovebirds.

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